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Ffibrau Y Gwyr or Fibres of the Gower is a not-for-profit social enterprise partnership.

We aim to educate, demonstrate and share our passion for heritage crafts and Welsh manufacturing

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We are Tasha Middleton of Sew Swansea fame, a local and talented textile artist and Rachel Broughton a local fibre artist and all round textile enthusiast.  Together we are ‘Ffibrau Y Gwyr’ or ‘Fibres of Gower’. 


We will operate classes in various locations across the Gower peninsular and the city of Swansea. 


Someone once called us ‘Fibre Freaks’ and, well….to be honest they were absolutely right!  We love all things fibre and textile related and so, for us, being offered the opportunity to develop textiles from sheep to finished product within our home area is just superb.  Keeping our local traditions alive is so important as technology moves us forward at such an astounding rate isn’t it?

We are looking forward to a long and exciting journey as we wrap ourselves in textiles from the felted to the handwoven to the machine woven and knitted…in a riot of inspiring colour as we explore natural dying techniques to create a range of naturally dyed yarn.

We are huge believers in the good that crafting can do for self confidence, well-being and self esteem, all hugely important in our busy modern lives.  Combining a little self care with some new crafting experience can lift the spirits no end.

In coming weeks we will be offering a range of workshops and experiences as well as updating you all about our own development and research. 

We hope you will join us in our journey and experience a fibre craft if you have never dabbled before, or come and have a look around our mill and consider expanding your experience if you have already been bitten by the fibre bug!

We are really looking forward to meeting you! 

Please come along with us on our journey by keeping us company at this page and also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Tash & Rachel

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Classes in wool processing, carding, dyeing, spinning, weaving & textile work