Our Constitution

The name of this formally constituted partnership is Ffibrau Y Gwyr, it’s managers being Tasha Middleton and Rachel Broughton.  

It aims to operate on not for profit principles and considers itself to be a social enterprise.  It will be run in a business like fashion, but primarily with social heritage objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested to improve its operations, or into the community to help contribute to creating a strong community that identifies with its heritage crafts with particular reference to the woollen industry.

The office of the partnership will be at C/O Sew Swansea, Elysium Building, 34a Orchard Street, Swansea, SA1 5AW.

The location of the partnership’s principle operations will be Parkmill Woollen Mill at the Gower Heritage Centre.  Other operations may take place at Sew Swansea’s workshop located in the Elysium Building, Orchard Street, Swansea.

The objectives for which the partnership is established are:

  1. To raise awareness of the history of the local Woollen industry in Swansea/Gower.

  2. To research and recreate heritage weaving patterns associated with Swansea/Gower.

  3. To reproduce historic woven cloths from locally sourced materials & market it outside the community thereby raising awareness of the once lost local industry more widely across the UK and beyond.

  4. To develop heritage craft skills and pass them on via the conduct of workshops and teaching.

  5. To maintain and develop a working weaving workshop at Gower Heritage Centre for the purposes of furthering our mission.

  6. To use textiles to raise awareness of issues in the local community, using crafts in activism to raise that awareness.

  7. To source materials locally to produce textile products with local providence thereby renewing , in part, the local textile economy which declined in the early 1800’s.

The partnership’s vision is to develop an operational woollen mill creating bespoke fabrics for sale whilst also interacting with visitors and offering a wide range of classes in heritage crafts.

The partnership is committed to equal opportunities for all sections of society and aims to promote their training across all areas of the local community.

Management of the partnership will be undertaken by Tasha Middleton and Rachel Broughton who will meet regularly to assess the objectives of the partnership and the progress made towards those objectives.

Classes will be held either at Parkmill or Sew Swansea premises in Swansea city centre.  Demonstrations and research will take place at Parkmill.

The partnership is dedicated to ongoing historical research.


Financial Arrangements will be made by Tasha Middleton and Rachel Broughton, both of whom will be responsible for arranging their insurance through Artist Network.  

The partnership will primarily be financed by teaching courses in heritage crafts and developing bespoke woven cloth.

Projects, research and teaching may, from time to time, be funded by grants and Tasha Middleton and Rachel Broughton will be responsible for identifying appropriate funding and completing any application documentation.  

Tasha Middleton and Rachel Broughton will have the power to open a bank account into which all fees received and grants obtained will be deposited.  All relevant invoices and any other relevant bills will be paid from this account.

The financial year will be run with the tax year 5th April each year.

An annual report addressing the objectives and progress made by the partnership will be prepared at the end of each financial year.

If the partnership is dissolved the balance of funds, after payment of any outstanding debts or liabilities (including the return of any unused grants if this was part of the condition of the grant) shall be disposed of to another social enterprise or charitable organisation engaged in furthering the aims of this partnership as agreed upon by Tasha Middleton and Rachel Broughton.

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Classes in wool processing, carding, dyeing, spinning, weaving & textile work