Fleece Preparation Workshop

Learn to prepare fleece NEW DATES COMING SOON

Ever thought about collecting sheep fleece for crafting, spinning, felting or weaving?  Whether you fancy collecting fleece whilst enjoying a country walk or buying a full fleece to process yourself, this is the workshop for you!

If not handled correctly, wool will felt by matting in to balls that are impossible to resurrect.  We will show you how to prepare raw fleece for washing and then how to wash it without ending in a matted bucket of felt.  You will each wash your own small quantity of fleece (around 100g) to learn how to handle the combination of raw fleece, detergent and water.


We will show you different types of fibre preparation and how to use hand cards and a drum carder to prepare your clean fleece for use.  Fleece is such a versatile material, you can incorporate  it directly into your weaving, it can be dyed or kept natural and also spun into yarn, felted or used in all manner of other crafts (check out our other courses!).

BEWARE - this class is not suitable for anyone with an allergy to raw fleece or its contents (may contain foreign matter and, well...sheep poo!).


Maximum 8 spaces available.

What’s Included:

-         Some Raw fleece for preparation (you will get to keep what you wash but you will need             to take it home wet to dry it later! Bring a bag :) )

-          Dry, clean fibres for carding

-          Use of hand cards and a drum carder during the workshop

-          Refreshments (tea & coffee)

 £40 per person

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